Writing Fundamentals Online Class

Writing Fundamentals Online Class

September 5th – November 14th, 2020 (Only on Saturdays)


The Writing Fundamentals Class is an online mentoring workshop for children aged 7 – 15; to inspire a love for writing in children and equip them with tools to become better writers. Participants learn the rudiments of a great writing piece and understand why writing effectively is essential to success in life, what they need to write better, and how to improve their writing skills. The ‘Writing Fundamentals Class’ gives children the resources and guidance to develop as effective writers. Participants learn how to use WRITING CONVENTIONS appropriately, CREATE SMOOTH AND EXPRESSIVE SENTENCES using a RANGE OF SOPHISTICATED WORDS that convey the intended message effectively in WELL-DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS.


Learning Focus: Paragraph development

Some children have no problem sitting down and writing a number of ideas on a sheet of paper at any given time on a particular subject. However, after they have jotted down these thoughts, they review their work and realize that their topic is completely unorganized and that there is no flow between the sentences.

The participants will learn

  • Creating an outline
  • Topic sentence development
  • Supporting details
  • Using quotations and evidence
  • Providing strong, relevant information
  • Using colourful and clear words
  • Crafting a strong closing sentence
  • Utilizing appropriate transition words
  • Following proper grammar rules

By developing competence in the above, the participants can create stronger, more developed paragraphs.


Program Fee: N50,000 for payment made before 5th September 2020.

N60,000 from 5th September 2020. 

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Not more than fifteen in a class.

Program Details

Live lessons

Real-time live lessons hold on Zoom on Saturdays for all classes. The participants engage in various activities on our Microsoft Teams e-learning platform while also being able to interact with other students on the platform to share their writing creativity.

Do note the following:

  • The first Saturday of each month of the program enrolled is a Bookclub Saturday which is scheduled for 12 noon. We believe readers make the best writers and as such the book club session for each month is a very important and compulsory session that replaces the writing class for that day for all enrolled participants on any of our Saturday classes.


  • The time and class arrangement for any of the programs may change due to registrations and logistics.


Payment Details

Jordan Hill Creative Writing & Reading Workshop
Account Number: 0073813126
Sterling Bank

Complete the registration form for your child below: 


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