YAC Young Writers’ Contest

Jordan Hill welcomes all the children in her literacy community to a whole world of writing opportunities. As members of our literacy community, we believe writing well places the children on the pedestal to succeed in life. Educators and parents are always looking for ways to support children in learning to write. Some children take it up right away, while others need more of a helping hand. Wherever a child is with writing, we have created platforms to help them incorporate writing skills into everyday life with our writing opportunities open to children in the Young Authors’ Club in order to help them hone their writing skills.

To help children develop dexterity in writing and value the art of writing, we have created the following writing engagements:

The ‘Unleashed Magazine’ – a magazine that borders on everything children, parenting, education, to have children as contributing writers and columnists.

And the Young Writers’ Contest to give children the opportunity to have their dreams of becoming book authors become a reality.

If you want your child to be a part of any of these, kindly complete the registration form using the link below, after which you would get an email with detailed information on how your child can be a part of any of the above.


We look forward to unleashing your child’s writing genius!

With love,

Jordan Hill

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