Jordan Hill Summer Camps 2020


Hello there! It's summer and we have four amazing and highly impacting summer camp programs for your children. Our programs are geared towards increasing your child's love for books and enhancing both their creative and communicative competences. Go through each of the programs with your child to find an age-appropriate program and one well-suited to your child's interests.

We look forward to an amazing August with your child on any of these programs!


Hi there,

Are you still wondering how to get your children to have fun during the holiday, and also learn, while schools are still on a lockdown? Don’t wonder anymore!

Our DIY Summer Book Camp is a 4-week camp that will provide your child with storybooks related crafts & activities to help children connect with books and enjoy sharing stories with other children. Using the crayons, glue, glitter, paint, pipe cleaner, house-hold tools, their creativity is set to shine. The DIY Summer Book Camp offers fun activities for kids that are easy, DIYs, and can mostly be done with arts & crafts stuff and everyday items that you have around the house. This way, your kids can keep themselves occupied at the same time with sharing their favourite stories with friends. They just need these sparks of inspiration to get their love for books flowing.


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Colours of Writing is a virtual summer camp from August 3rd – 28th 2020, giving children aged 8–11 an impacting learning experience in adding colour to their writing through enriching vocabulary & the appropriate use of writing conventions.

When we write, we write in sentences. Beginning with a capital letter, we wind our way over words and phrases until we’ve expressed a complete thought, and then we mark the endpoint with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.


Hi there,

The SUMMER BOOK ADVENTURE is back! This collaboration between

Jordan Hill and Corona Schools’ Trust Council presents a summer fun camp to help children aged 4 -5 develop reading and writing fluency skills as we take them through a phonics program that will enhance their ability in blending sounds to make words confidently, learn how to decode words for understanding, while also introducing them to age-appropriate high frequency words to aid their comprehension skills, through songs, stories and rhymes.


Hi there,

Jordan Hill, in collaboration with Corona Schools’ Trust Council, once again brings an amazing and highly impacting summer camp experience to your child this 2020!

It’s a virtual writing & voice over summer camp with

COLLINS TEKE, OAP, Voice Over Coach, Radio Host, Nigeria Info &

THELMA ILEMS, OAP, Host, The On Air Book Club, Inspiration FM


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