Jordan Hill, in collaboration with Corona Schools’ Trust Council, brings to your child the Easter Virtual Camp.

Date: 19th – 30th April 2021. 


To inspire a love for books in children.

To improve children’s skills in writing.


Ages 3 and 4/5 (Preschool)

Ages 5 – 7/8 (Lower Primary School)

Ages 8 – 10/11 (Upper Primary School)

Learning Descriptions

Ages 3 – 5 (Pre-schoolers) – Early Reading & Writing Skills

Children’s early reading and writing skills will be developed through learning the:

  • Sounds of the letters of the alphabet
  • Letter formation.
  • Decoding letter sounds and blending three-lettered words, four lettered words with consonant blends and digraphs.
  • Reading and writing phrases and sentences
  • Reading phonic books.

Ages 5 – 7 (Primary school) – Vocabulary Development for Writing

Participants will learn to use the following parts of speech to improve their writing skills, using their dictionary and thesaurus.

  • Amazing adjectives
  • Powerful Verbs
  • Cool connectives
  • Great adverbs
  • Similes

Ages 8 – 11 – Figurative Language in Writing

Participants will learn to use the following figures of speech in improving their writing skills, using their dictionary and thesaurus.

  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Personification
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Hyperbole

Class Time

Ages 3 – 7

12 noon- 12:50PM, 1:10 – 2:00PM


Ages 8 – 14

9:00 – 10:00AM, 10:20 – 11:20AM

Class Lessons

Lessons will hold on Zoom while the participants will be engaged on Edmodo with learning activities.


End of Camp Report

The camp will end with all the children receiving a report on what they are able to achieve within the two-week-camp program.

Program Fees

N25,000 per child

Payment Details

Account name: Corona Schools Holiday Camp

Account number: 1011626528

Bank: Zenith Bank

Once payment is made, kindly complete your child’s registration form below:

Registration – Easter Virtual Camp 2021 – Jordan Hill Creative Writing & Reading Workshop

For further enquiries, please call

08052357266, 07016579496, 0909 109 5057, 0805 031 3612

Send an email to admin@jordanhill.org

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