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September 2019

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Jordan Hill CWRW Ten Golden Rules of Writing

Writing well starts from paying attention to those simple but yet essential part of writing like punctuation, grammar, paragraphing and content development. Here are a few rules to help children learn the basic rudiments of writing in becoming better writers. ALWAYS start your writing activity with a written down plan. Most children and even adults […]

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Jordan Hill Poetry Slam

The sun rose high to a bright new day. The spirits soared. The children were excited. Room filled. The atmosphere fully charged. Audience with looks of anticipation. Such was the ambiance at the first ever Jordan Hill Poetry Slam in collaboration with The Bunker in celebration of the World Poetry Day on Thursday 21st March […]

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Jordan Hill Celebrates Young Authors On Children’s Day

Children’s Day at Jordan Hill Creative Writing & Reading Workshop was celebrated in grand style. Jordan Hill Books launched six books written for children, five of which were written by children.  Award winners from the Jordan Hill Young Writers’ Awards which held last September in celebration of children’s ingenuity and creativity in writing were celebrated […]

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The Lost Cub

Written by: Adekunbi Karunwi Once there lived a cub; his name was Andrew. Andrew lived with his dad the leader of lions named Trion and his mom and his sister, Zoe. One day, Andrew and his sister went out to play near the border, where all the hunters capture cubs and lions. They were playing […]

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The Girl Who Loved Technology

Written by: Tekla Uwabor There once lived a brilliant girl who loved laptops, computers and phones. Her name was Tesa Tom. She lived in a beautiful house in a modern city. Miracle and Ochuwa were Tesa’s best friends. There also lived a bad and stubborn boy named Jack, who liked stealing electronic gadgets. One day, […]

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Swimming to My Dream

Written by: Nola Metseagharun In a village called Koko, there lived a boy named Omasan. Omasan lived in a poor home with his brother, sister and parents. Omasan’s mother was a petty trader while his father was a carpenter who made furniture. Omasan was an A* student in Year 6. He attended a local school […]

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